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If the media wasnt used--nothing would have been done about this--they are all in bed together---It is shame how our tax dollars pay their salary and they can't give once ounce of respect...I had a run in with a state trooper at a road block recently and I wasn't even driving and they treated me like I had just shot someone...I have never broken a law in my life, but I was treated like I was armed and dangerous. I think they do a tough job, but they should have other ways to channel their anger. I was told to Shut up, He was yelling at me and making comments completely uncalled for--- Someone needs to come in and fire all of them and start with some fresh faces because they must be burnt out....and our safety is at risk. The time they spent on this lady and on the night when my car was pulled, they could have been out on the roads... not booking a sober person, head light is a ticket, not a trip to jail. Maybe this lawyer didnt go about the complaint in all the right ways, but I filed a complaint over a month ago and heard nothing-- Mostly likely it went in the trash----So I dont blame him, maybe I should do the same thing--- These troopers need to be able to read people and apparently they are having problems or they just dont care....


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