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We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes in life. All of us.
None of us were there and know the entire story and it could very well be that both sides had their own faults...
It agitates me the trooper could have perhaps been on a good ol boy power trip, but what aggravates me worse is someone using political/social status to try and hatefully destroy a person's career/life.
It is one thing to be embarrassed and feel punished for no reason, but it takes a truly hateful individual to pull out all stops just in order to cause direct harm in a form of retaliation to another AND redemption of saving face, person which is exactly what Mr atty is doing here...
This trooper has potentially saved lives with the amount of DUI arrests he has made and is obviously good (albeit maybe too good) at his job.
IF... IF he is guilty of being heavy-handed that evening then why isn't Mr. attorney working with the highway patrol to see that this trooper gets job/anger relate counseling? Has the attorney never made mistakes in his life? Why the vengeance? Why TRY to destroy another person's life? All the attorney is doing is proving what a mean spirited person he is.. This could have been handled in a private manner with IAF, with the same outcome and by going SO public with this all the attorney is doing is showing that HE is the one with anger issues, more so than the trooper... Anyone with an eye for an eye mentality is worthless scum in my book and in THE book, God tells us to love one another... I can’t find where is says "If thou art wronged, attack and destroy the other person who you hath think wronged you with a sword of vengeance." SO Mr. Attorney, next time you are in church pretending to be the good soul as you heavily tithe, next time you are in court and you begin asking the law enforcement officer who arrested your client for a break and the LEO walks away from you, and when you walk down the sidewalk and get looks of disgust from the 50% that think you are a person filled with anger and hate for taking this as far as you are taking it and actually expending energy and resources to get someone else hurt instead of help...Look in the mirror and just ask yourself if that is what you really want your legacy to be.. If that is how you want your children to grow up an act.... Why don't for once, instead of acting like a narcissist you actually be the better person and do what is morally and ethically right because IF the trooper is guilty of a power trip, all you and Ms rich wifey have done is joined him on a power trip of your own, with your tip being worse.. HE was trying to (again.. it could have been wrong) make an arrest for what he thought was something it obviously wasn't. He embarrassed your wife, scared your children, and I am sure angered you.. All of which can be repaired... However.. YOU have publically attacked with malice, on a media, professional, and the highest political level in our state another person's integrity, ethics, morals and professionalism WITH the intent of permanently destroying a person’s career... That sir.. makes you just as wrong if not more so than the trooper was and shows your state, that instead of being a kind, loving human being that you are just as mean, bitter and hateful as those you feel who have wronged you... It’d be nice to see you reverse course and be the better person in this case.. But It’s my opinion that your inflated ego would never allow for that to happen.. It would be nice to be wrong nut you have displayed your own hate and anger in an eye for an eye fashion that you are just as wrong as everyone else… I hope my children don’t grow up with hate and vengeance and anger in their hearts.. Both you and the trooper (if guilty) are poster kids for what I DON’T want my children to grow up to be.. Angry, Power trippin’ people…
BOTH of you need to grow up and one of you I hope, comes out of this looking like the better man because you only appear to be two brats fighting in a sandbox and I would hope that it is only emotion driving your anger and that this is not who you truly are…
There are instances… when it is better to think with your heart rather than your head…


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