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Trooper Problem in Wilmington

If,(and I stress the word if) the story the Tesseners are giving is correct, then I feel bad for them. They were treated poorly, and the trooper and magistrate involved need to lose their jobs and possibly have charges brought against them. If there is more to the story than this, then I would love to hear it. Depending on what more is said, I may or may not change my mind.
As far as the other people making comments, I have something to say to you too.
1.) Everyone makes a little typo now and then, but some of your comments are so poorly punctuated and the grammar is so horrible, it's very hard to make out what you are trying to say.
2.) News is anything worth talking about. YES, this story is news. Anything worth talking about is news. If you don't want to read it or hear about it, step away.
3.) As far as no one stepping forward with bad experiences about the trooper: That is not surprising given the guilty verdict most people have put on the Tesseners already. Who would believe anyone if the public doesn't? Most officers stick together and defend each other to the bitter end. Maybe now some things will come out.


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