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This is nothing new

There are bad apples in every bunch of cops be they local or state. Some guys are power tripping a-holes enough said. This guy is probably one of them. The problem is the cop picked the wrong person to mess with this time somebody who has a law degree as a witness to his actions and connections. I know some nice state troopers who are hard working guys and would never act this way. I also know some cops in Wrightsville Beach who are total power tripping buttheads and shouldnt be allowed a whistle let alone a gun and taser. I dont believe agencies as a whole should be painted with a broad brush because it implies everybody is guilty when it just isnt the case however in this case its probably true he acted improperly and likely is guilty of false arrest even abuse of power. The NCHP and most law enforcement have leeway in DWI because it is such a serious crime but to be beligerent and acting the way he did was incorrect. I also might add that this trooper obviously had it in his mind she was guilty once he claimed he smelled alchohol on her breath and she was within her rights to refuse the field test she however didnt refuse the breathalyzer as NC is like many other states as a refusal of that is basically an assumed presumption of guilt of the DWI in State Law. The fact is she never should have been taken to the NHCJ thats where this went way wrong. A Double 00 2x should have been an automatic release from custody as that corroberates her innocence. I dont see how she would be required to be taken to jail and released by the magistrate as no crime was committed therefore no appearance should have been required.


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