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One very simple question.

One very simple question. Why isn't the Cruiser camera footage and police station cameras footage public knowledge? Why are these things kept secret from the public? Why isn't ANY and EVERY on-duty police officers car footage public? Why is it when the offiecr seems to be at question, it takes weeks or months, if it ever comes out? Yet If the suspect is guilty we are provided the footage immediately?

All on duty law enforcement should be required to wear an on-person camera and microphone at all times, that was publicly available for all to see if and when requested. For any and every situation. Up to one month from when the incident occurred. This would clear up all questions to 98% of all cases, and allow us to reward upstanding police officers worthy of our praise and of being financially rewarded for thier efforts , and IMMEDIATELY end the theory of the 'Good ol boy' network. We as a society pay law enforcement to do a job, why is it that how they act should be such a secret? Good cops should be rewarded, power abusing cops should be fired and prosecuted.


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