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State Bunglers

SHP if any of this is proven to be fact which by all written accounts seems to be then you have no defense. You have a bad apple and your agency is full of disrespectful, overbearing, malicious so called enforcers of the law. SHP has proven time after time that this agency needs a complete redo. Politicians need to change the current statute that prevents an outside person taking over the agency. It is quite apparent that they are unable to police themselves. This agency has always been deeply rooted inside NC politics which prevents a outsider from taking this control away from politics. Therefore the SHP academy and the institution itself breeds more and more Patrolmen who abuse their authority. One of the comments was at a checkpoint where the writer states he was hollered at and told to shut up. This writer would get out, take a cell phone picture of the Patrolman and tell him he should shutup and he has no authority to tell a law abiding citizen anything. This type contact with overbearing Patrolman infuriates me and this behavoir should not be tolerated by anyone. Patrolman are charged to conduct themselves professionally and fairly. Facts indicate they constantly act unprofessionally and abuse their authority. Citizens we cannot continue to support a State agency whose members do not act correctly within the scope of their authority. Politicians I call upon you to bring in an outside professional Police Officer with no ties to State Politics or SHP and give this person the responsibility to correct the bad image and bad Patrolman who run rampant within this agency. Not all Patrolman are bad, some are very good and polite and professional. But the loose guns are going to bring the entire agency down. I call for current members to police themselves, they know who is overbearing and unprofessional.


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