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If you people don't think troopers and the LEO community doesn't lie just look at the cases brought against the state crime labs. Men serving years in prison for false results that were backed by the crime lab. If you file a complaint against a trooper do you not think him or all his buddies will not be gunning for you everytime you hit the road? Do you honestly think internal affairs will really investigate them, there was the head of the internal affairs in Raleigh who resigned because of coverups..wake up people.Cops will not prosecute cops if they can figure a way to cover it up. You think average Joe Blow would have a chance against the system as it is now in place? The NCSHP has a history of corrupt cops and it has gotten no better, do some research. This Rambo just screwed with the wrong person and hopefully will be a mall cop in his future. Before you have the chance to say it I have never been arrested, 1 ticket in my 58 years and had a retired sheriff in my family so don't even go there.
I had a cop come to my house on a complaint a few years back saying my dog had tried to bite ( in a locked fence) the mail carrier and treated my wife like crap, as he was giving his lecture it came over his radio he was at the wrong house. No apology or anything, our first visit was to the Chief monday morning, found out we were not the first one's to complain, finally he was fired for his attitude. GOOD RIDDENCE. If you are wronged hold their feet to the fire. Don't give up. Go to the top the lower guys will just cover for their pals.


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