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To those who think these

To those who think these guys are overreacting, obviously you have never been harassed like this (and i'm not talking about getting pissed when you get a parking/speeding ticket).

I've been pulled over before and asked if there was a reason my tail light was out. This is obviously a rediculous question, it's behind you so you don't know until someone tells you.

Point is.. she got pulled over for having a light out. However mean she was to the cop, after she blew zero that should have been the end of it.

The extra hours of harassment was just to get back at her and its unprofessional. I wonder if he could have legally held her for 24 hours questioning? I know cops have to deal with a lot, so they are given a lot of slack in the area of "customer service" or "professionalism" whereas in most careers you are judged by those qualities.

And what about Teachers? No one wants to be a teacher because there is so much red tape, pressure from the parents, the principal, the state.. if there was this much internal review on officers we wouldn't have the kind of attitude and unprofessionalism- even if they do have to deal with a lot of CRAP most of the time. I do too, everyone does, its work!


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