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Everybody is quick to jump

Everybody is quick to jump on cops and troopers, and anybody associated with the law process. When you get pulled over for speeding, you want a cop/trooper to be nice to you. Customer service really??? You want somebody to be nice to you for speeding, when speeding could injure somebody or even kill them if you are in an accident. If somebody appears to be driving under the influence, guess what you will get pulled over. The first thing they ask if they SMELL alcohol is did you have anything to drink??? If your answer is yes, they will then ask how much??? Then they will proceed to ask you to do a sobriety test. If you refuse you will then be arrested. The only person who can let the accused go is a judge. And this big shot lawyer who deals with law should know the procedures. He is a dui lawyer and acts like he does not know the procedures, some lawyer he is. Nobody complains about cop/troopers when they need them. But let some dimwit write a false accusation and everybody thinks all cops are on a power trip. What is wrong with our citizens??? They are all trying to do a job, so do your citizen duties and do not break the law even having a tail light out.


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