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In your rant you

In your rant you conveniently forgot that she was objectively NOT in the wrong. She blew a .00, there was no probable cause to arrest her in the beginning, and certainly no probable cause to continue to keep her in custody after she blew the .00. Even the headlight allegation appears to be baseless and pretextual as Tessener says the car had just been serviced and the lights were functioning fine. There is no requirement for a magistrate to release a suspect when there is no probable cause, this officer could have let her go right there in the WB station.

I don't see any evidence here that she felt she was above the law. Perhaps she got irritated because the officer repeatedly refused to recognize the apparent facts, and continued to wrongfully detain her, but irritation is the appropriate response here I think. In my experience, most people actually assume the officer was in the right, and most of the time this is a correct assumption, but not this time. It is obvious here though that something is wrong with this officer.


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