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You are VERY misinformed!

You are VERY misinformed! What this trooper did appears to be completely within his duties. He stopped her for a light violation. He smelled alcohol on her, she said she "sipped" wine. She refused to do any test for him. He arrested her and then she blew .00. If she had cooperated with the tests on the side of the road, she never would have been arrested. She had to go to a magistrate in order to be released. Her big mouth husband should know that! He is an attorney right?? Once a person is placed under arrest, I think they must see a magistrate even if the officer knows they are going to be released. I believe she was handcuffed because I think it is probably the policy of the Highway Patrol to handcuff people before transporting them somewhere. Correct me if I am wrong but that is what I have heard. Give this trooper a break! He was so professional on that video and what I see is a snobby rich attorney and his wife that think they can push their weight and money around. If that is not true, than why did he feel the need to write an 8 page letter to the Governor and "other officals" as the news reported? If he really felt he had a complaint, does the trooper not have a supervisor he could have called?? Do we have to go to the Governor and Senators for a complaint?? Let's get real here. Can you not see what is going on? Cocktail dress, jewelry, lexus, big mouth, letters to politicians?? Am I the only one seeing this?? This attorney is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing. And, lest anyone thinks he is a saint, Google him! He has charges pending himself!! Let's give those troopers the benefit of the doubt that they were trying to do their job and serve all of us out here who need them! Do we really need a rich big mouth lawyer from Raleigh?? Where are our priorities people??


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