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Comment concerning the HP (i.e., "SS")

There's no difference in the H Patrol in North Carolina and the "SS", past yrs. in Germany.

Prior to retiring during health reasons, I had a run-in with the HP. I was a licensened Embalmer and Funeral Director. Roads were icy, bad driving conditions. The county ambulance went off the road due to ice while carrying a heart attack victim.

I was notified by a friend to see if our funeral home could give assistance, helping this man get to the hospital. I immediately went there to give what assistance I could. There was a HP by the name of Pitula (or some sort of garbage as that). I was cursed for trying to come to this man's aid. I was also told that any attempt to remove this gentleman from this wrecked ambulance would result in my arrest.

All this was reported to the HP complaint people. They came to the funeral home and acted like the rectum's they are. They later sent a letter stating they could find "no wrongful action" on the trooper's part.

Incidentally, we never issued a statement. Now, I can say. This man who had a coronary, trip ended in a wrecked ambulance due to the ice...had a wife, good man in the community...because of this trooper, this man's life was terminated...DOA at the hospital.

Be proud of yourself HP. You keep doing this, and one day it's going to turn on you or one of your loved ones. The only people who would have you as a "loved one" must have a taste for "dung."

Yes, Mr. Pitula, if your sorry behind is still amoung us, please accept all our "middle finger of friendship" in the community.

You are welcome to pass it on to the rest of you Nazi's.


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