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Well, the intent was good...

...unfortunately Frucci was very ill-prepared, both with supplies, rigging and most importantly...the boat. His boat is nothing close to being a blue-water sailing vessel. It is designed for near shore and inshore sailing at best, not for open water hundreds of miles offshore. What he did was the equivelant of taking a 16 foot john boat to the gulf stream for big-game fishing. Having the proper rigging and deployment of the correct sea anchor would have greatly relieved his storm duty. He's lucky he even made it to Bermuda and he well knows that.

Regardless of the comments regarding his failure, his stupidity, death wish, etc., Frucci had an experience of HIS lifetime, something that few get to attempt and one that he will remember forever. Yeah, he didn't make his goal, but he was able to at least hit that tiny speck of land 700 miles away. That's about 650 miles further than 95% of the people I know have single-handed a sailing vessel.


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