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Tom, I'm a firm believer in....

...falling on your sword in private. I can't understand the build-up and coverage, only to lose face in front of everyone. To me, that's a whole lot worse than simply ending the journey. Why would he allow all that sensational hoopla if he ever had a doubt regarding completion?

It's like that high platform at the training tank. If you stay on the ground and simply walk past the platfom, you go unnoticed and the glory passes you by. If, however, you climb to the top and yell for everyone to watch the fantastic dive you're about to do, you look pretty foolish when you turn around and climb back down the ladder.

Well, as the other poster alluded to, at least he had the cajones to try it and even if he only made it to Bermuda, he's done more than most men will ever do as far as facing the great unknown alone....


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