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Thank you for your opinions...they inspired part of a book.

Before You Judge anyone else...perhaps first...make sure you are Perfect.

Yet, I thank you for your opinions. I have learned through Life Experience to let Negativity blow past me as winds will do, for after the air becomes weak and exists no longer, I still stand in my Strength. This will be my only post here.

What was written by others in the previous 7 comments fueled my Spiritual Fire in a Positive Way. After I flew back to Bermuda after last years Hurricane season, I sailed the S/V Cuddy (my Little She) alone back to the United States. A nine day crossing sailing half way to the Bahamas to avoid a frontal system and then looping back up to Masonboro Inlet. The entire adventure of sailing there...coming back here and seeing these comments...and then sailing back, has become one of the most fantastic and Transformational positive experiences of my 52 years on this earth. I long to be back at sea and will again in the future.

The comments here inspired me to write a specific chapter in a book I have published about the entire time in my Life associated with this sail. "...Abandoned..." in "Part II: The Battle" of "Path of Three Hundred" on page 88, specifially. Thus, the main reason for this "Thank You".

More about the book can be found at

I still run into people who feel they must spew their personal belief systems on happend just last week. I loved the interaction with someone who became Fearful of what they did not understand and would never do themselves because they were stuck in that belief system...similar to Religous and Political Fanatics. Here is a snippet of the conversation:
One of my fellow co-workers said, “Hey Frucci, this guy is a sailor too and he wants to talk to you.”

“So…you sailed a thirty-foot sailboat to Bermuda? And you were alone?” asked the man who I had never met until this day.

“Yes.” I spoke smiling while he began shaking his head in disapproval.

While sharing the part of the story of doing battle with a storm three hundred miles out to sea, I could feel his anger. He began shaking his head and interrupted me saying loudly, “No! You can’t do that! That Irwin [my boat, the Sailing Vessel Cuddy] is not made for that!”.

As soon as he spewed his personal belief system on me and attempted to declare his belief as the “only way”, I smiled and became an animated speaker.

All I said to that statement was, “I Did…and it became one of the most fantastic experiences of my Life.”

His face turned red while his wife and child just smiled.

I became One with this moment in Time. I flowed with the moment and felt the experience of being in a place where one cannot “pull over” and rest. The moment was happening where I could share with another Human a Challenge of defeating Fear. I told him about the Coast Guard C-130 aircraft that offered me the Choice of leaving my boat and being “saved” or staying right there with my Little She, the S/V Cuddy and riding out the storm. I told him about doing something I had never done before in turning my boat on top of a twenty-foot wave and surfing down the face of it and others for the next twelve hours as the storm passed over me. I told him of the next day when the sky was blue and the seas were calm and making it safely to Bermuda. And I ended the story with sailing back to the United States and being welcomed by the huge dolphins sixty miles off the Carolina coast. I told him that I want to go back out there and will someday because I loved the adventure of Self and the Peace found.

All of these moments were told with excitement and animation…my body was moving as I was moving while at sea…and it was wonderful.


He kept saying the same thing over and over while shaking his head and clinging to his belief system, “No…No…No…you just can’t do that.”

It was like hearing the beginning of “Path of Three Hundred” read back to me. Wow.

the entire post is here:

From my wish is for anyone who reads these words to find Peace along their individual Life Path.

Peace to you...and Thank You. :)


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