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Thank you, Mr. Bellizzi for alerting the citizens of this county to this public health nuisance. This nurse should have been dismissed for all of these actions. She got off way too easy by Dr. Jack Griffith, and later by the next health director after receiving the NC Board of Nursing letter of concern. After reading about these incidents of what appears to be sheer negligence and the lives she put in danger, it certainly would not be a stretch to think that she has had many similar incidents occur.

Since the commissioners think this leak was important enough to commit the sheriff’s department to investigate, one would think they would be all over having this woman investigated for the lives she has placed in harm’s way. Whether it is purposeful and negligent, or simple ignorance she should be removed from the Pender County Health Department where our tax dollars pay her salary. If some private doctor wants to hire her, so be it. But my tax dollars should not pay her to negligently or ignorantly harm the citizens of this county.


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