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Compassion isn't my strong suit

I found that it got in the way when you opened up with the M-60 or XM-218. What little I have, I reserve for those who TRULY deserve it.

That DOESN'T include nutjobs who make incompetent, unsuccessful attempts at commiting suicide, costing the taxpayers thousands in emergency responders and God-only-knows-how-much in lost productivity for the innocents hopelessly mired in the resulting traffic jam.

If you want to end it, find a quiet place off by yourself and just do it. We have relatively high bridges all over the place and this loser picks a forty-foot dive into a mudbath? He obviously had no intention of killing himself. You part-time psychologists/full-time sob-sisters would say it was a "cry for help."

I, on the other hand, would say that it was an invitation to a richly deserved butt-whippin' from all those people stuck in traffic.

If your life stinks, don't try to drag other people into it!

But heck, I'll wait for the facts. Who knows - his car might have broken down, he sat on the wall waiting for help, and turned out to be a really clumsy guy!


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