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Is "compassion" the word of the day here on Sesame Street?

You know what's truly funny?

The anger, insults, name-calling, and general ill-will emanating from all you "compassionate people" at two guys who simply choose to disagree with your mamby-pamby, "oooh the poor baby" coddling view.

"Be compassionate or karma's gonna getcha!"

*You're not compassionate - you should be in a nuthouse!"

"You're a Nazi!"

"You're a clown!"

"You're stupid!"

Look, I freely admit that I'm discompassionate and cold but you guys need to admit that you are like Barney on a 'roid rage. "Love your fellow man, or we'll beat you bloody."

I hope I didn't make any of you kind, gentle souls cry by pointing out that dichotomy....


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