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You have got to be kidding me. People who try to take their own life are mentally ill and deserve any and all treatment they can get. The firefighters risked their lives to save this man by doing what they are trained to do by these same tax dollars you speak of. Many people complain that firefighters are over paid because you think they only work while responding to a call. The truth is firefighters work manual labor from 7 am to 5 pm at the station by checking all tools and trucks. Then they have to work out, clean the station, train for any emergency, and provide public education. So dont give me this waste of tax dollars BS. If your loved one was depressed, jumped and lived you would be screaming for someone to help. Just remember one day you may be so upset you feel like killing yourself and odds are a firefighter will be there to try and save you. PS Your tax dollars go to stuffing pockets of politicians instead of going to Emergency services, schools and teachers where they are needed!


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