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I have a question about karma

It appears that I have committed two great sins on this story.

The first is that I refuse to join the Association of Barney-Like Saps and excuse people for their idiotic, inconsiderate behavior....and that obviously makes all the current members spittingly angry.

Oh well.....

The second is that I am a cold, hard man who is slightly less emotional than Mister Spock, and that raises the karma question. Since I'm guilty of being cold, detached, discompassionate and not wringing my hands about the mud-jumper, wouldn't karma coming around mean that everyone would be totally detached, discompassionate, and cold toward me?

This sounds like a win-win situation! I get to impart some opposing, REALISTIC views about individual responsibility to you really sensitive people, and then karma makes sure that people leave me totally alone and don't make demands on my life and time.

Woo-hoo! Bring on the karma!

BTW, just LOVED the "at a time like this" lead-in. That's not too overly dramatic and over the top, is it? Some loon jumps into the swamp...gee.....that's right up there with September Eleventh or the Kennedy Assassination, huh?

"At a time like this".....should I say that in a very deep, solemn voice?


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