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Ah, but I set the pace!

I (and WWAY) decide when I post and what articles I respond to.

I can always count on some rube to come back with more insults simply because he or she thinks that I need to think differently.

So thanks for all that attention. While you're feeding my supposed craving, please don't forget the REAL reason I post, which is to try and get some logic and common sense back into a society that is seemingly dominated by emotions, political correctness, and a willingness to accept any behavior at all, without holding people accountable.

I may be "too hard" for contemporary standards, but this country functioned far better before we became predominantly over-indulgent wimps. As soon as this guy was pulled from his mud-bath he should have been hosed off and handed a bill for what his little escapade cost. If he can't go out in public without causing this type of mess, his family needs to keep him under wraps or force feed him the medication he needs. Society need not tolerate and pay for this kind of behavior.

If I convince only one or two people with every post I write reagrding individual responsibility and self-reliance, I'm slowly achieving my goal.

Meanwhile, the hissy-fits of the opposition really do entertain me....


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