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My heart goes out to this family. I hope the girl makes a full recovery.

I have read some of these comments and I'm stunned by some of these comments. Do you really need a sign on the beach to tell you that sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean, and that sharks come onshore?

Sharks are everywhere up and down the East coast. We have 56 species of sharks including Tiger Sharks, Bull sharks, Black Tip sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Great Whites and other species of aggressive sharks. All of these sharks except the Great White are prevalent in NC waters.

Sharks are going to go where there's food and other sharks. Whether that's onshore or offshore.

Sharks are not the only ocean species that are dangerous in NC. We have Portuguese-man-of-war, barracuda, lion fish etc.

There are some basic steps that you can take to prevent attacks however there are no guarantees. Don't swim in the ocean before 10:00am and after sunset. Don't where shiny jewelry. Don't go into the water with a cut or open wound. Sharks have an amazing sensory that picks up the smell of blood and flesh.


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