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I don't normally comment on

I don't normally comment on things like this, but as a marine biologist here in NC I feel that I need to. You have to understand that there are tons of sharks along the beaches here. If you have spent any time at all swimming the beaches here, than you have been within 20 feet of a shark and never known it. 99.99% of the time, the sharks could care less about coming up to a swimmer, most of them are so shy, that they will spook and run as soon as they get the notion that a human is around. With the number of people in the water, it's going to happen to someone eventually. Someone is going to bump into a shark and someone is going to get bit. More people are killed by lightning strikes, by bumble bees, or by their own pet dog than they are by a shark. And the sharks are here all the time, from the Currituck to Southport and everywhere in between, so there's no reason to post shark warning signs on certain beaches in NC. As cool as the movie "Jaws" was, it really caused a lot of undue fear in people.


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