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You DO NOT know the whole story!!

Actually NO almost all of you really need to find out the WHOLE story before you begin speaking about things you know absolutely nothing about. I have read the actual letter which was sent to Gov. Bev Perdue and Gina Tessener was harrassed, humiliated, bullied and threatened. She did not comply with the field sobriety test because she was wearing an evening gown with high heels and was on a gravel area. Wyrick then asked her to blow in a breathalizer and she exercised her right to say "no" because she knew if he would accuse of her smelling alcohol on her breath and she had not drank any then he was extremely capable of altering the breathalizer results. Therefore she was arrested because she denied to take it. Her not taking it was not because she was guilty of drinking and driving but simply because she wanted a witness to prove what the correct accurate results were of the intoximeter when she blew at the police station. So people I suggest "KNOWING BEFORE SPEAKING!!"


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