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Apology Needed!!!!!

I remember somewhere along the line the couple had stated if an apology had been given this would have all been over with. Well, it appears like they may be owing the trooper an apology, not to mention maybe writing a big check to him when he sues their butt off and maybe even getting disbarred when he's brought up on charges of filing a false report.
The video doesn't lie but his letter sure did. I didn't see anything ounce of truth from what he claimed that happened and what one can see with their own eyes, other than maybe the texting thing, but we still don't know who the trooper texted. I'm sure the HP will get some cell phone records and show that as well.
Of course we can't see what happened roadside so if this man and woman lie over what was video taped, what do you think they will say if it wasn't.
Hope the lawyer gets his day in court to defend himself.


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