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Supporting Trooper Wyrick

Trooper Wyrick did the job he took an oath to do. Stopping one late at night for a headlight problem is simply doing his job!! Questioning the odor of alcohol on or about ones person is another example of doing his job!! If one refuses the field test that is an automatic trip to the station (in handcuffs) for "suspected" DUI...still doin' his job. Watching the NOT see Trooper Wyrick doing anything wrong. 2 tests blown in station is STANDARD!
Once arrested for "suspected" MUST be released by the magistrate NOT the Trooper no matter the test results! Troopers report states she was "sipping wine" earlier in the by the suspect) she is very possible for the odor to linger even with a 0.00 test result. As for her husbands vehicle being stopped...maybe the officer wasn't comfortable being followed by and obviously angry husband and asked the other officer to detain him for just a few seconds.(Maybe not the best idea..but surely not criminal) I think this Trooper did his job and should NOT be reprimanded by anyone. JMO


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