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Well - I personally think

Well - I personally think that the attorney and his prescious wife think they are above the Law. If you have followed the story closely he has a problem with law enforcement. I am so glad that these two troopers did their job. I also know for a fact that they should have never been put on administrative leave. They did nothing to warrent this type of discipline. The only reason that happen is because the wife's husband (who is an attorney as stated before) sent so many letters out to high officials and the Governor.This is why they got put on administrative duty. So they should have let the troopers sgts handle this ( what happen to the chain of command)and NEVER GIVEN THE ATTORNEY AND HIS WIFE THE TIME OF DAY. I am so sick of people who think because of their profession or if they have money PEOPLE pay more attention to them. I also feel the NEWs media should have never put the troopers faces on TV till they did a more indept investation because of the safety of them and their families.Because as it turns out THE TROOPERS DID THEIR JOB!!!!!! Now other people are going to think they can claim this same behavior.
I am so glad that the NCSHP is there to PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY.
I want RALEIGH AND ALL who were involve to appolgize to these two troopers!!!! Because if it was me I WOULD find A NICE LITTLE ATTORNEY WHO UP HOLDS THE LAW AND SUPPORTS OUR law ENFORCEMENT AND I WOULD SUE!!!!!!

SO for the one who thinks our Troopers sit and wait on some DRUNK and targets you specfically - There job is to PROTECT AND SERVE and to get that type of behavior off the street, to protect me and my family from the risk of death from a drunk driver..GO NCSHP TROOPERS!!!!

I also would like the news media to do a positive story on the NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY PATROL. Their jobs,family, and life is on the line everyday.

Signed Health Care worker who sees this everyday!!!!!


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