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Troopers agitation

Well you may thing the boys in grey are above reproach, but I can assure you that is not the case. I was stopped in jones county one Thurs afternoon at 4 pm I was driving 62 in a 55 saw the trooper coming and was amazed to see his grill dip as he applied the brakes and had his lights on before I even passed him. He came to the car, I handed him my license, no registration and he started the conversation like this What year model is this vehicle Sir? I responded, (note: he did NOT have my registration, so how would he know if my response was correct or not?) Then he ask me "How old are you Sir?" I responded. As I went to hand him my concealed carry permit, he responded "I don't need that" and walked to his car. I waited and he came back with a warning ticket. When I asked him how fast I was going he refused to tell me.
After talking with locals they said he has a high rate of dui stops, so when he saw the dog in the back seat, four offshore rod reel combos in the front seat and a Dr pepper in the console, he was done with me.
They are taught "verbal judo" at the academy and use it to establish probable cause for a DUI charge! Be warned that it's not like the old days and be ready to answer questions you are not prepared for, no matter how simple.
I called around and was assured by a LT Col from Raleigh that this stop should have gone a little differently. they are suppose to Identify themselves and then tell you why you were stopped. Then they can proceed to the Verbal Judo if the choose.

Verbal Judo, WTF


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