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Just another case of someone who thinks they know somebody and thinks they're above everyone else making a frivolous complaint. This big wig attorney wrote a statement and LIED about what happened at the police department. Its on video, the trooper was professional....I think the apology that needs to be made at this point should come from our governor to the trooper who already assumed the trooper was guilty when she had only one side of the story. Think about all the resources and money being wasted so she can satisfy one of her buddies and using her office to do it. Also, is this attorney going to face any sort of discipline for LYING.....he is suppose to have the utmost integrity....what kind of cases has he LIED about in court. I think its obvious now that this attorneys story doesn't add up.....don't know his name but should be known now as the "LION KING" and should not be called sir or Mr.


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