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I read his web page. He is

I read his web page. He is just as much of a joke in Raleigh as he was here. His page looks more like a freebie "People Finder" page, then that of any successful lawyer. From his career path, I see he's bounced around, several times. Their are hundrerds of Ham and Egger, discredited, lawyers, husseling to even Jr partner, and make $30K / year. I believe he's one of them.

Judging from his actions on the video, I am not the least bit suprised. He seemed more like a hot-headed bully, then a "Professional Bigshot Friend of the Governor". When you assault another person, or refuse to allow a officer of the law, to conduct a simple investigation, to determine probable cause, you dictate your own circumstances. No matter how much of a Phoney Bigshot you pretend to be, you are not above the law, whether its in Wilmington, or Raleigh. Maybe Mr Professional Victim, might have to do real work, and earn a living, just like the rest of us.

Its a necessary shame, but these troopers, who fight to proect our highways from drunk drivers, get investigated up one side, and down the next.

While a Professional Victim Bully, can go around assaulting people, and throwing all the darts he wants.


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