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What your failing to realize is that she refused every test or made a frivolous excuse why not to take them.....If she knew she hadn't had too much too drink then submit to the proven battery of field sobriety tests and go on your way....the problem....she didn't even know if she was okay too drive. The fact is that he smelled alcohol, not he thought he smelled alcohol.

Secondly, if you don't want your taxes going towards his salary......stop buying gas, you do have control over that.

Third, you have to be out of touch with reality if you think that its okay too bee stopped and refuse all tests and not raise some sort of suspicion. If you have nothing too hide then cooperate.What people fail to realize is that these tests also go in your favor if you are not too impaired to drive.

Lets stop supporting the right to conceal evidence and illegal activity. What is this world coming too.


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