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Avenger84, you are partially

Avenger84, you are partially right. Mrs. Tessener chose to decline to perform field sobriety tests. The trooper's next logical and in fact reasonable step would be her transport to the police station for breath testing. Mrs. Tessener's test results were (let's not forget this) ZERO alcohol, ZERO, two times.

Here's how this story could have had a much different ending: on discovering that Mrs. Tessener's test results showed ZERO alcohol the trooper could have driven Mrs. Tessener back to her vehicle, followed her back to the place she was staying and issued her a citation for the non-working headlight. The trooper could have even expressed regret for her inconvenience.

In the various articles about this event it was reported that Mrs. Tessener is 51 years of age and that Mr. Tessener is (I think, but close enough) 52 years of age. Mrs. Tessener is described as being a "Homemaker" in published political contribution records. According to this series of articles, the Tesseners have been married 28 years.

For your edification, a "trophy wife" is a demeaning term, typically reserved for a much younger wife of an affluent older man. An age difference of a couple years fails to meet the definition.

Why do you choose to demean homemakers and physically fit 50 year old women?


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