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Compromised character?

I hate that Mr. Rapp might get a taste of Brunswick County 'justice' in court where things so often don't exactly operate like they should. Let me see, a judge is standing in a Bolivia courthouse in front of one of the judges from the same place where she presides over them. Unless I missed something. Hmmm. That should go well.

I did not know that expressing your OPINION in a personal online arena could be a right to be dealt to you only as long as no one complains. We'd all better be careful. I also see no reason why it was okay for Lewis to wear a button for Rabon just because she also was running for office. Did she step down as a judge during that time? Oh, that's right. It's Lewis, so it's supposed to be okay. And since she was present when the local lawyers decided to back Jolly, WHY are none of them good enough to be her attorney in this case? She's got to have one from Raleigh? Sheesh. Tells me what she thinks of the lawyers around here.

Since I know now of her relationship with Rabon, and the fact that he was in court today, I'll rethink my vote for him next time, too. I, for one, am tired of long-time friendships affecting court decisions.

I do have one news bulletin for the Honorable Lewis, win,lose, or draw with Mr. Rapp. After what she has pulled during the Jolly/David Republican Party fiasco, I think she doesn't have to worry about Mr. Rapp compromising her character in the public eye. I think she's done a good job of taking care of that herself.


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