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Rapp's Revenge

You all are idiots and don't even need to comment on issues that you obviously are oblivious to. If you weren't so clueless you would see that Mr. Rapp and his puppets have a personal vendetta against Judge Lewis. If Judge Lewis or any Judge for that matter was wearing a Betty Fennel button, there would never have been a case! Seeing as how Mr. Rapp was Betty Fennell's Campaign Manager....duh!!! As for her support of Senator Rabon, you are really showing your stupidity. If you don't know or even have enough sense to google campaign laws, then get real, and stay on the porch...Did any of you even read the details of Judge Lewis case against Mr. Rapp, or his comments on facebook? I seriously doubt it. Some people foolishly think they are posting to just a few friends/folks, not even realizing their comments are public. Then again, you have those that could care less, b/c they have nothing to lose, and crave the limelight. Just saying. When a person's livelihood depends on their name, they have just as much right to defend it! By the way, what other courthouse would they be at? Duh? Why do you figure her lawyer is from Raleigh? Do you know him? What "do" you know? Your comments and the others appear to come from uneducated individuals that believe anything "the friend of the hour" tells them...Talk about "good old boys"...they are the "bad news boys". What about her Brunswick County lawyer in the other case? You failed to mention him. Oh, I forgot, I was replying to the uninformed puppet. So are too lazy to do your own homework and cheat off Mr. Rapp (guess what, he didn't study either!) Now, as for what our Honorable Judge Ola Lewis pulled during the Jolly/David "fiasco"...there's another uneducated comment. Have you read the briefs? You guys need to get real! If your too lazy to do your research, then keep your mouth shut! What kind of "traffic court" would you approve of (the kind that was favorably described as moving the young & innocent in and out), or the kind of "court" that doesn't need a judge present for such trivial matters. or want our deputies bothered with showing up to court to back up their citations. Get Real...Research, then post a comment on what you think of the 50ish illegal that was speeding in excess of 120 miles per hour through Leland. He got away scot free? Not even a slap on the wrist. The DA's office didn't even sign off....Has WWAY reported that? NOT! How would you feel if he killed your child the next time,since he got off so easily. Are you still unconcerned about "speeders"....Do your homework or get real and keep your pie hole closed. Lastly when you see mud, consider the source, and ask yourself why the same few work so hard to divide.....The same ones that never comment any good news...just attack, attack, attack. Those that can't "do", attack those that try! They seem to easily persuade the uneducated and proven by your comment @ Senator Rabon being in you suppose he was called to appear? And, you think Senator Rabon's "enemies" donated their time and money to have him elected. No, you idiot, his friends did! And, since Mr. Rapp wasn't one, you can follow his pied piper image right behind Bettie Fennell next time, and see how far you go... Thank God, Brunswick County has enough educated and informed voters to overcome the utterly stupid ones....


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