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A person has to give two

A person has to give two breath tests. If the results are below the legal limit the officer can't just let them walk out the door. Law requires the arrested to be taken before a judicial official (magistrate)so that the charges can be disposed of. Claiming the trooper is a bad apple because he didn't just let her walk out the door is just pure lack of understanding of the law. If she had of complied with the roadside sobriety test it may have cleared the whole matter up. Blame her not the trooper. He was doing his job, getting drunk drivers off the roads so they don't kill anyone. Whole thing in a nutshell... if she had of cooperated it would of never have gone as far as it did. If she was as smart as she thought she was or her hubby was half of the attorney he claims to be she would have requested a prearrest breath test. They are trying to use political clout and pressure to get what they want when in the end it was them that acted as the unprofessional ones from what I've seen. Wanting something for nothing. And these days there are plenty of other things out there that can make you appear intoxicated than just alcohol. Think about that.


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