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Tessener's a lying Sack

Here is Hoyt Tessener's link according to NC Courts:

Citation Query by Defendant Name

Officer Name Agency Officer
Number Court
Date County Session Court
Room Defendant Citation

Tessener made some bold face lies with his 8 page letter that you(WWAY) ate up with a spoon like it was ice cream. You're broadcasting of these events made you look like a high news show. Thats the one thing I've started to see with the news station: Who ever tells the tale first you correct no matter what BS they say. Tessener played your news station like a fiddle. Never once did Ramon ask if Tessener had had any dealings with Law Enforcement before. Looks like he has according NC Courts. Hell, he has a court date for assault. Maybe he was seeking revenge against any and all Law Enforcement for being ticketed for punching some guy in the face in December. Finally, this news station is crap. You went to the Trooper's house before any guilt has been proven. Then you reported the Trooper had a wife, who answered the door. Which he doesn't. Where in the hell does yor News Station recieve and confirm its alleged stories. WWAY, you're station should be ashamed of its self for allowing this worthless SACK so much time in the Limelight. WWAY, The other thing you should do is make on television appology to the Trooper for you're siding with the Tressener. Frankly, If I was the Trooper, I'd sue the piss out of your news station for slander.


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