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Out of control...

The NC State Highway Patrol is out of control right now and is prinarily operating with very heavy badges. They have a sense of security knowing they won't be reigned in for bad behavior due to intimidation of the public.

The numerous scandals, and the numerous complaints of mistreatment of citizens is starting to stack up. That department needs to be reigned in and understand their role in life - writing tickets to speeders and writing up accident reports.

It sounds like this trooper had a personal issue with one or both of these people and used the weight of his badge to carry out his vendetta.

She was unsteady on her feet in heels on gravel and blew a .00? What an ***hole trooper. I think it's time we started causing the trooper some problems. We need to weed out these badge-heavy ***holes out of the force. The Governor is hiding under her desk and the people need to fight back. Stop being a scared little populace and fight against these Nazis.

Just my two-cents...


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