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Just a thought

SInce you were saw both headlights working. Could she forgtten to turn on her lights?....2007 Lexus have day time running lights .... I was not there either. She admitted that she had sipped wine. That would be the presence of alcohol. She refused the alco-sensor test. She gave the trooper no choice but to arrest her. He followed policy and went to the Intox Room. After the result he is required to take her to the mags office. HE did that too. As far as Hoyt restraining himself...he has a pendong assault charge in that county already....

Hoyt was given directions to the Mags office and asked to follow the trooper. He chose to stand in the parking lot on the phone. The trooper doesnt have to wait for him...realizing that the trooper left...Hoyt speeds down the road and get stopped. Since the all text messages, computer messages, and phone records for trooper are subject to be reviewed at any tiem by a supervisior ...(there was no prior contact between troopers) set up ....

She had an indiffernet attitude. In both videos ...the trooper was polite, professional. She was not. However, she doeent have to one can hold her accoutable for her one will discipline her later.

Its funny how the public likes to make accusations about the Troopers when something like this happens,...instead of getting both sides first. Since the lawyer's statement in the second interview and her WRAL interview contradicts their original statements.....cause when you lie...its hard to keep them straight.

As far as the speeding up and down the hwys with no reason...There would be more collisions if we turned our lights on trying to get to collisions up the road. Because when you see blue lights behind dont automatically move say to yourself " What did I do?" I was not speeding.. (your still in the way at the point)

We live in a fish bowel. Personnal and professional...99% percent of us dont mind. For those who make bad decisons///...we fire them


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