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she said she had a sip of wine?

i agree the headlight was a scam, however one thing i keep seeing and hearing is "she said she had a sip of wine at gala"

her statement in the beginning and continous throughout, "Wyrick asks Gina where she has been. Gina explains that she is returning from a formal Gala for the new President of NCAJ. Wyrick then tells Gina that he smells alcohol on her breath. In response, Gina tells Wyrick that she has not been drinking. Wyrick then asks Gina if she had been around people who were drinking. Gina tells Wyrick there was table wine on the table for anyone to drink along with their meals. Wyrick then orders Gina to exit the car.

Wyrick again says he smells alcohol. Gina attempts to explain to Wyrick that she had not been drinking any alcohol, is not in any way impaired and that she was with a lot of people who would gladly tell him, if he wants to call. Wyrick laughs at her and says he is not making any calls."

it is possible that a person can go to an event and not have anything to drink, so why prosecute her because the officer wrote this in his notes later that evening, is it possible he was tired and couldnt remember what was said and wrote it incorrectly?


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