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first i want to say that going to Washington DC is such a great place to go. And im sure the kids will enjoy the trip. But i have some questions and concerns. First did these kids win a contest to go or were they just invited. Second who was responsible for the money for the trip, the bus, which i assume they went on a charter bus to go? Also who was responsible for for paying for the sleep accomindations? I ask these questions in concern because I am a parent of a new high school student and with the cut backs that are getting ready to take place in the counties I was wondering if this trip was a band parent paid donations or did the county or the state pay for this. This year alone in alot of the counties around this area, field trips had to be canceled because of money, Trips ere also being canceled because of the bus situation. And lets talk about alot of the schools in the counties that didnt have the money for new material, or sports equipment, uniforms, let along computers and books. There are also several schools in the surrounding areas that are really unsafe , they r over crowed , lack of updated material and equipment for these children to learn what they really need to learn. I feel this is totally wrong. Its amazing how you can go to one school and they have all brand new stuff, but u can go to another school and see that what they have should have been replaced long ago. If this was not a band parent paid for trip, this trip should have never taken place. That money should have gone to the schools around Southern North Carolina that really needed upgrades. Maybe someone can explain this to me!!!


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