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I wish the Patrol would step

I wish the Patrol would step up and explain to everyone the actual law in NC and the way police procedure works. If they did half these comments would be null and void. In NC the moment anyone refuses a Field Sobriety Test and the officer suspects you are under the influence you are taken to the closest intox. To do this you are placed under arrest because a LEO can't force you to go along with them otherwise. So enough with the He had no right to arrest her BS. Secondly she didn't blow 0.00 twice and then was arrested. She was already under arrest. The Trp nor any other LEO doesnt have the legal capability to unarrest someone. Hence the rehandcuffing and transporting her to a magistrate. If you are under arrest and in a patrol vehicle - you are in handcuffs. That's police procedure any where you go. The problem is the administration of the highway patrol won't come out and explain the legal duties and policies governing the trps actions, therefore you all are left to quarterback what he did when you know nothing about the issue other than what an attorney is claiming. I find it funny so many are jumping to the defense of a career that besides law enforcement is the most ridiculed. Half of this couples story has already been proven a lie, but because it interests the rumor mill it keeps churning. Hopefully a secretary somewhere will start texting soon and we can all move on to the next drama.


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