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I applaud Mr. Goolsby for

I applaud Mr. Goolsby for standing up for these two law enforcement officers. Shame on those who prefer to paint the police with one broad stroke as bullying or crooked. Years ago I made a mistake and got behind the wheel after a few drinks. I was pulled over by a trooper for suspicion of driving under the influence. I politely refused a request to submit to a breathalyzer test and was taken down to Blue Clay Road for booking - as state law requires. Once at the booking station I once again politely refused testing. As the law states I received a suspension of my drivers license for one year. I learned my lesson from that mistake and I am adamant not to repeat that mistake - not even one beer if I'll be driving any time soon after. I do not harbor any ill feelings toward the three or four troopers I came into contact with that night. All were, even after my refusals to submit, very professional and if I dare say even cordial. In fact, the trooper who was DOING HIS JOB that evening may have prevented me from hurting myself or someone else by pulling me over a few miles from my home. If you want to paint with broad strokes maybe we should have a conversation about ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers who think they are above the law because of the fact they have a degree and a little bit of money. I for one I'm glad we have citizens who go into law enforcement to protect our property and rights and who risk their very lives everytime they clock in to work.


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