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I never knew that we had so many dysfunctional, ignorant, one dimensional, unaccountable, and irresponsible human beings in this area. Its obvious from posts who is accountable for there actions and who is not....the good thing is society still won't accept irresponsibility. If you can't handle the consequences then don't put yourself in the situation that put you there. Hold your breath because this person who some of you may refer to as "Mr. Tessener" is getting ready to have his true colors if there hasn't been enough revealed thus far.....and those of you who are still in support of this derelict are only as good as this person. Unfortunatley, for you that believe that only dishonest law enforcement officers exist, it is because they don't support your illegal activity. Just because you may have a good paying job, go to church, or volunteer doesn't alone make you a upstanding citizen. Be a complete person....both in your professional and personal life.....not just when you think someone is watching. For the true believers......someone is always watching!!!!


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