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Lets just start with your

Lets just start with your numbers.... (1) Her headlight was out. How do you know it was not? The picture taken after they got a bulb from Advance Auto?? Oh was it the words of a man that lies for a living? (2)Yes, made it up... there is a shortage of impaired people in Wilmington so now he needs to make up impairment. Oh yeah we are a beach and college town. There is never anyone out drinking and driving. (3) Why would he have to cover his tail at this point? He had still not placed her under arrest. People take roadside tests everyday so they can go home. The rest of your statement makes no sense.. Oh yeah they are not cruizers here. They are patrol cars. (4) Then she should of just taken the test and gone home!!! (5) He would of rear ended him?? Makes no sense again. Yes the Troopers do speed. Do you think they might be going somewhere??? Trying to hurry?? Oh no they are just out for a Sunday drive because we never have accidents or bad driving here in New Hanover County. And there is never someone at the other end saying why did it take you so long to get here. (6) I did not know he was so careful to say that. Oh yeah he has not been able to defend himself because of the SHP's policy. (7) Yes there has been bad Troopers that have done stupid things. Not like there are not bad people everywhere. So lets just go after them all. They are all out here to just to make up lies. Yes the SHP has had some problems in that past years, but none of that has had anything to do with the Troopers here.


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