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Senator You have lost my vote

If you think that we dont have problems in the local SHP here, then you must not be listening to the people. I dont know about these troopers, but I do know this--Guilty of charges or not-People have a right in this country to be treated with respect. I have seen people being bullied and harassed by troopers more than once. I recently had a run in with one and he was totally out of line. He made comments to me about how I was apparently not raised right, by my father a vet who was shot for this country, Served 22 years in the army. Trust me I was raised right. I called him out on him breaking the law, I was respectful and his reaction was totally out of line..I was wondering why they can break the law and when you call them out on it,,,They get offended......I have seen them totally harass an older lady trying to park her car in a tight spot and got her out of the car and treated her like she had been drinking. I would have took serveral back ups to get in the spot straight too. He was yelling at her and had her very upset. i thought I was on the show "what would you do?" I walked over and asked him if all that yelling was really needed and he told me to shut up and mind my own business or I would be going to jail for involving myself in a police matter---I was horrified, that my tax dollars are paying his salary. He did let her go and she came up to me and thanked me. She said she was so scared and felt unsafe. I thought troopers should make people feel safe. I wont even go into the story of the trooper breaking the law, but I did file a complaint and nothing came of it... As taxpayers, we are paying this SHP to break the laws they should be upholding. Waht makes them any different than us, except for we are their employer!!!!I think maybe they need to remember that.


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