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Lack of Support for SHP-

It is all too familiar stories such as yours that account for the lack of support and benefit of doubt given to the SHP. It isn't lowlifes and thugs on these boards voicing their criticism, but middle class ,suburban, SUV driving soccer moms and dads that are increasingly distrustful of troopers. People have seen and heard too many incidents of SHP abusing their authority or covering up for the child pornographers, wife beaters, deviants, and cat-killers that have managed to become troopers.

It is an institutional problem; Virginia has many more state troopers and less than half the documented cases of misconduct the NCSHP has. Disband the agency and empower local LEA's with SHP's duties.

Oh, and for Goolsby: He and Tessener were probably chasing the same ambulance. He was the one Republican I had to hold my nose to vote for.


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