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What about what the Tesseners were talking about

Did everyone just turn a blind eye....I think so.....apparently the messages on the Troopers phone were saved and didn't have to be. They could have been deleted but were not. Nothing to hide. Why hasn't anyone asked what were the Tesseners whispering about to each other....was it the setup for a lawsuit? Was he telling her what to allege? Were they talking about there master plan to get a mans job? We will never know because the Tesseners are proven LIARS!!!!! On the other hand the Troopers save there text messages to be released for everyone to read.....Hmmmmm? Are you telling me no one in there work place has cursed about someone they had to deal with? Troopers are human, not robots.....come on people, raise your standards to the same level that you expect of others!!!!!


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