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This isn't about good behavior, respect, or even right and wrong. When we give people badges and guns, we expect them to be the bigger men. These Troopers failed us big time.

So the officer didn't shout and throw things. So he let Gina make all the calls she wanted, and so he didn't get in Hoyt's face. The fact remains that after Gina blew a 0.0 on that breathalyzer twice, SHE WASN’T DRUNK and there was no evidence to say otherwise. Her refusal to do a sobriety test on the road no longer mattered.

But after that? Keeping her in a drunk tank for blowing a 0.0? Taking her before a Magistrate for blowing a 0.0? Letting his friend, another Trooper to whom he complained pull over her husband, whom he knew to be following his police vehicle to the Magistrate...for blowing a 0.0?

You and I, us regular folks, with law degrees and Lexuses, or with shovels and Fords, we get to be angry. Troopers, those with guns and police cruisers, do not. Why? Because we gave them the guns. Gina should have been RELEASED IMMEDIATELY after the breathalyzer.

Oh, and her husband screaming about him being a lawyer? That's because people in custody are ENTITLED to a lawyer.


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