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a bit more quaterbacking

You seem to know a lot about police procedure, so here are a few questions:

1) can you just randomly pull over any vehicle on the road and ask for sobriety tests/breathalyzer tests, or do you need reasonable suspicion, such as a broken tail light.

2) if there is no broken tail light, and you made that up, is the stop and search illegal?

3) if you had nothing to drink (or had wine at 6:30 but it is now 11 p.m.), what are the chances that a police officer would smell alcohol on your breath?

4) if you are a female who is pulled over by a police officer who you know just made up an excuse (broken tail light) to pull you over and then started saying that he smelled alcohol on your breath when you know that's practically impossible, would you be scared and intimidated?

5) if you are a police officer who made up a broke tail light excuse to pull over a car, then made up that the woman driving the care smelled like alcohol to have her step out of the car and do a field sobriety test in heels and a cocktail dress for you, does her refusing to do it make the stop and search any more legal? Does it make her arrest any more legal since it's the produce of an illegal stop?

...I think you know where I'm going with this. She shouldn't have been stopped to begin with. All this lovely procedure regarding the right to unarrest should have been explained to her. And let's not even start with her husband being pulled over for following her to the magistrate's office!


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