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Frist of all most of you

Frist of all most of you don't know a damn thing about LEOS. You don't get cursed out, spit on ,bit,kicked,shot at ,have to fight,for no reason,other than doing your job.And that is on a daily basis.And what the Troopers text on their personal phones is just that personal!!And the pay they get is a joke.They do this because not everyone can.It takes a very special person to wear the badge.All you people forget all the good these Officers do every day.But who is the first person you call when you need help?It is very easy for you to sit in your glass houses and throw stones.Why don't you go to Law Officers and see just how many LEOs have been murdered this year alone trying to serve and protect your ignorant butts.You try dealing with murderers,rapist,robbers,child molesters,crack heads,meth heads on a daily basis and not knowing when the car you stop today might be the one that blows your brains out.These men and women leave home every day and nite not knowing along with their family if they are coming back or not...Maybe that will give you judges something to think about.Or the person you are trying to serve a warra

nt on decides they would rather kill you instead of going to jail for something they are guilty of.


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